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Relato enviado originalmente por palaciosilva@ el 5 de Octubre del 2001 a www.SexoServicio.comMi pap y mis dos hermanos salieron fuera del pais por asunto de trabajo y mi hermana estaba en el colegio y mi mam salio junto con mi otra hermana a comprar lo que faltaba para la celebracin de la Boda de esta.Y alli estaba yo sola en una gran casa y sin pareja pues dos meses atras habia terminado mi relacion con mi ex.Comenze a revisar el cuarto de mis hermanos cuando de sorpresa encontre una pelicula xxx.

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Run Time: 39:38
Actions: Big Tits, Toys – Anal

SUMMARY: This is a good, if not slowly paced scene. Basically it can be broken up into three parts: tease with clothes, tease without clothes, and masturbation with her pink butt plug. If that sounds a little less interesting than it could be, it’s because it is. I love tease as much as the next guy, but for me, it went on a bit long this time for not a good enough payoff. Caroline is very pretty, but this outing does have that “first scene reticence” about it. Here’s hoping she comes back to do more.

DETAILS: Caroline is very pretty. I love her face and hair, and her smooth, pretty thighs. Of course, this site is all about the cups, and Caroline has those in spades. They manage to be large and perky at the same time. She’s wearing a bikini top that fastens in front, a black skirt and matching bikini bottoms.

This one is in the GiveMePink style, with much of the emphasis placed on Caroline’s boobs, naturally. Caroline takes her sweet time, as it’s a full seven minutes in before we get our first glimpse of them. The rest of scene is similarly paced, and it works well even if it goes on a little long. We don’t even see her completely naked until twenty-one minutes in. After that it’s masturbation, both with her fingers and with a pink butt-plug up her ass. The scene concludes with her oiling up her tits, something I wish she’d done before she masturbated so we could have seen them gleaming while she worked herself over.


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Gwen & Sandra
Run Time: 33:33
Actions: Toys – Anal, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single, Gapes

Rarely does an Ass Traffic video with more than one girl attempt to reap the benefits of having more than one girl. This video with Sandra and Gwen departs from that routine to give us quite a show.

In the introduction, we would usually see some light teasing and shiftless dancing that herald of a zombie flick than a porn flick. This one is different, fully gracing us with sexy lesbian action. This portion is quite short, but we are here for Ass Traffic, not Give Me Pink. Too bad though.

The cameraman spends some time teasing the two girls as they bend over to show us the goods. This drifts in and out of routine for these videos. A saving grace of this clip is the mutual beauty of Gwen and Sandra. More times than not you have one girl who looks better than the other. These two are definitely front cover girls.

We quickly transfer into a blowjob scene with the two girls working on one lucky actor. They are quite skilled and work well together; avoiding the awkwardness you may see in other threesomes. They hit both of my personal favorites, lots of tongue and both girls sucking at the same time. Usually, you see two girls taking turns like they are afraid to touch each other. What’s the point of that? As a male who does not get threesomes with beautiful women daily, I am compelled to take every advantage and make every moment count in this situation.

After an atypically long time blowing the actor, we get into hardcore sex, not that I’m complaining. Both girls are thin and athletic. Gwen has something abnormal about her torso, but it’s very small and doesn’t take away from the scene. I know how some of you are perfectionists.

Just after 15 minutes into the video, the cameraman zooms way out and looks as if he’s leaving. The two girls plus the actor look at him with a “where the fuck are you going” stare. It neither adds nor takes away from the scene, but it was a rare moment of levity for a porn flick.

Usually, an actress seems to take a slower, gentler approach to anal sex, but not Gwen. She seems to attack his cock with even greater speed and intensity when he slides it into her ass. While this is going on, Sandra gets warmed up, working on her own ass with a dildo. There is some ass to mouth, which I can take or leave.

We don’t get to see Sandra sexed up until nearly 20 minutes into the video. She is quite gorgeous. For ass fans, she spends very little time getting pounded in the pussy before getting fucked anally. She also does not seem to have any hesitation about getting it in the ass. They then take turns getting reamed in the doggy position. We see this from very few angles, uncharacteristic of videos from these sites. The lack of camerawork really detracts from this part of the scene.

They take the moneyshot on their pretty faces and swallow. They are a very sexy pair.

Pros: Two beautiful girls with sexy skills.
Cons: Scene starts wonderfully, but ends typically.

My Score: 3 out of 5

- Civ

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